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Already when asked this humble athlete captivating Artium Dolgo-Fiat, how much money he is going to make after the amazing win he replied "I do not care how much money I will earn, I only care how many medals and how much honor I will bring to the country", already from this answer you can understand and learn something about The character of this special athlete that we were all captivated to love him and cherish his achievements.
When he won, the Israeli reporters informed us "we have a medal" "We bring a medal" "We won a medal" "We managed to bring a medal"
And only one humble man with a truly captivating smile brought a medal.
And was explained to us by professionals from the sport in case we did not know, that it was "not exactly how good he was but how much less good his competitors were", thank you!
From there we moved on to the wedding where the words of the Olympic athlete's mother that caused a stir were brought to the fore: she said "the heart is broken, the nerves are burning"
He cannot marry in Israel because his spouse is not Jewish, and Joel Rezbozov: The Minister of Tourism on behalf of Yesh Atid said: "It does not make sense that the rabbinate of the same country that Artium Dolgofiat represented today does not allow him basic civil rights like marrying in Israel." Uri Keidar, director general of the Free Israel Movement, also spoke out against this decision, writing: "The heart is broken" and many other important people "the heart is broken," and the issue burned in their bones, and they were honored in newspaper headlines and in a television interview.
And again the same "good boy Ukraine" as usual in the sacredness and characteristic modesty, to the question of the reporters, instead of going out in a fiery speech about a good forced land he said "my wedding matter is private matters these are personal things and I will deal with them alone"
Only thanks to his modesty and charming character would I bring him the Chief Rabbi who would marry him, in reading the Ketubah I would bring him the military rabbinate choir that would sing holy songs in his honor, and even one or two shofars to complete the picture while breaking the glass. I really do not know what his origin is, but in character he is really one of the best Jews I know.

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From a genius' desk

Dolgo Fiat

Already when asked this humble athlete the captivating Artium Dolgo-Fiat, how much money is he going to make after the amazing win he replied "I do not care how much money I will make,

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