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I saw the former head of the Mossad, in the "Fact" program, due diligence I love this man even very admiringly, but I admit I felt uncomfortable during the program, and felt a strong and burning longing for days when we did not know who the head of the Mossad was, and all we heard and knew was Allegedly from "foreign sources".
Yes I know that everything today is exposed and visible and burst into the wind in a thousand and one ways, but still I thought while hearing from his mouth, names of places and cellars, and "sarcasm" out of use, and unknown soldiers (not necessarily from the country…) and enemy countries he visited, And a number of passports he has in his pocket and ways to recruit activists, and even if everything is known, when it comes from the mouth of a man in his position, it sounds different.
I remembered the longing for the late Avraham Arnan, the legendary intelligence man who created the General Staff Reconnaissance Squadron (then still called Secret 269), when Avraham Arnan would leave for Jerusalem, he would say in the office "that he is on his way to Haifa" "because not everything needs to know",
And I am not implying that we will go back to those days, but modesty is not a matter of generation! But of policy, of fighting of a different kind, we have never stuck a finger in the eye of the wounded in describing our victories, it does not suit us, it diminishes our righteousness, it is not good, it is not healthy it is not true it is mostly unprofitable along the way, because it spurs the The enemy exposed in his disgrace, make more effort…
A wise man once said that "speech is human but silence is divine."
And we have been very close to God all these years (in our kingdom of secret and silence).
It is a pity that we have stumbled and still stumble, to places where the fervor of pride and human passions, expose everything to the light of harmful sun.

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