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"People of Faith Lost" is a pardon of slichot written probably in the first centuries after the destruction of the house, and it is usually said, with a melody of pleading and heartbreak in the ten-day prayer of slichot, since we are now stuck in the eye of the storm. We have to look at ourselves from a height. And to see the insane absurdity that takes place before our eyes, I mean that we have recently chosen people for the fourth time, who will solve our problems as a society, "people of faith", (in the language of the piyyut) we have chosen, who "come by the power of their deeds." : We asked them for us to "wall and shelter in a day of wrath" up to here the language of the piyyut, and here are those whom we have chosen for us, so that they may solve our problems, become before our eyes the greatest problem. After all, we chose people according to the things they promised us they would do when - and if - they chose, and they told us with abysmal seriousness, that they would "mend the rifts"… "unite the fragments" "connect the rifts in divided society" they told us "they will overdo the ego, And on the personal disqualifications, "and they told us" to put the people and the state above all, "and they told us" that they ask us for a mandate to rule "because this time they will go" on a path and not on personal struggles ", on" idea ,,, and on policy ,, , And on a vision ",,, that's what they said, that's how they promised. We have heard, internalized, believed, and chosen each one of us, according to whoever sounds more worthy, more reliable, more real, short of interest we have chosen them to solve our problems for us, and once chosen, it becomes clear to us that we are the biggest problem we must solve now! They promised us that they would solve the rift for us, only increase the rift, only widen the bumps, and they boycott even more than before, each other and the ego dancing a crazy dance in our eight. And the piyyut of the slichot ends and says and begs ,,, "We get up in Peretz Ain, worthy of your desire zeroed in: we wandered in four turns. A remedy is not to be found in the piyyut that is written to mention the house."

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