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I have a request from those who refuse to be vaccinated with all due respect that they please put a sign on their forehead on which will be written caution !!! I am not vaccinated !!! Let's know who they are walking down the street and run away from them. This is because I am afraid of them, and as they exercise their legal right over their bodies, I seek to exercise my legal right over my own body to be protected from them, I am afraid they will stick with the law that says " Because of the intervention in his body without his consent ", the law sounds well deserved and enlightened, but I am convinced that the drafters of the law did not take into account (when drafting it), the possibility of a global catastrophe like a contagious epidemic in which man is not alone in the struggle. An emergency situation where human rights can be a classic case where certain laws must adapt to one-time global situations such as epidemics and vaccines, "your right to your body" says the law, but what to do your body during an epidemic near my body in the supermarket, cafe, garden, school , Can infect me and also kill, where's my right? Live.Refusing a vaccine Dear, please use your right not to get vaccinated and stay at home do not leave until the epidemic has passed I respect my right to stay healthy. Laws are created as a means of improving life to make them more proper and worthy, law is a tool, not a purpose and if the law becomes purpose, it loses its essence, and it becomes in epidemic days something that helps human beings live, just a burden that can cause their death.

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