A Thousand Kisses

A Thousand Kisses - 1986
Lyrics: Mirit Name Or Composer: Zvika Pick Performer: Yehoram Gaon


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First kiss on your white forehead
Like a knot in the middle of your figure
And out of it came the flu
Kisses, kisses to your hair
A pearl title made of kisses
On black curls I amtir
May I have the most beautiful girl in the princesses
Perfect for all the girls in town.

A thousand kisses to you my love
A thousand kisses and kisses
A thousand kisses to you darling
The beautiful, the little, the sweet.

And your snowy, virgin neck, too
Flexible like a swan neck
I will cover with string kisses and strings
Water girl, my little one
And now no one will put my head on your shoulder
To find in it the heartbeat
And just kisses without lust and consumption
Like flowers thrown at a bride.

A Thousand Kisses…

Heaven is not for the eyes of sinners
And I do not drink in you to satiety
Light is not in favor of impure lips
And my chest was burned to pieces
The kiss of the millennium is not possible beloved
Missing one last kiss
Only nine hundred and ninety-nine kisses to me
Stormy loving and sweet
And yet I will kiss you a thousand kisses

A Thousand Kisses…

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