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Yehoram Gaon is one of the most prominent artists in Israeli music, but Gaon also starred in a number of Israeli films, most of which were very successful. Yehoram Gaon began his acting career in 1959 in the film "Small correction", In which he played alongside the Nahal band. About five years later, he starred alongside the band "The Yarkon Bridge Trio" in the film "Dalia and the sailorsWhich was released in 1964.
A genius who wanted to expand his acting skills, went to study acting in the United States in 1965 at the famous acting school - Berghop Studio (HB Studio), with the famous teacher Uta Hagen, but returned in 1966 (to play the role of "Casablanca" in the theater of Giora Godik). 

In 1968, Gaon played the lead role in the film "Every bastard is king"Directed by Uri Zohar.

A genius who often played the character of the warrior saber in his films played in the film 1969 "siege"In the day of Gelberto Tofano, alongside actress Gila Almagor, and in 1970, in the film"The big break", On the day of Menachem Golan.

In 1971 he starred in his personal film "I am a Jerusalemite"He also directed it, and also wrote his screenplay.
In 1973, Menachem Golan's film "is released"CasablancaWhich has been an impressive success.
In 1976 he starred in the film "Joker"In the film, a genius played a different role from his other roles. The film, which was a blue and white crime film.
In 1977 in Menachem Golan's film "Operation Jonathan"He played the character of Yoni Netanyahu.
In 1982 he starred in the film Yaki Yoshua "a dead end".
In 1986 he starred in Michal Bat Adam's film - "The lover"According to the book of AB Yehoshua.
In 1988 he created the film "From Toledo to Jerusalem"
In 2004 he played in "Tribal bonfire"- The film by director Yosef Cedar.
In 2014 he starred in the film "Operation Sunflower"- Avraham Kushnir's film.
In 2015 "Guavas"- Kobi Mehat's film.
In 2017 "Operation Egg"- Alon Gur-Arieh's film.

The film is performed by Jonathan
Casablanca in his iconic attire
The film "The Lover" - Yehoram Gaon alongside Abigail Arieli
Yehoram Gaon in the film "From Toledo to Jerusalem"
The movie "Operation Sunflower" - Yehoram Gaon alongside Scout Grant

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